August 13th Eguzkiola, Zeanuri 20:30 Eguzkiola Kultur Elkartea
October 25th Aiaraldea Ekintzen Faktoria, Laudio 20:00 Aiaraldea Ekintzen Faktoria
April 20th Arriaga, Bilbao 19:30 Arriaga


Ardatza portada

"Ardatza", 2015 | Technical info

Fruitua portada

"Fruitua", 2012 | Technical info

Estankona portada

"Estankona", 2011 | Technical info

Hauxe Da Gure Kantua portada

"Hauxe da gure kantua", 2016 | Technical info

Atera dena portada

"Atera Dena", 2008 | Technical info


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I woke up early in the morning, have been waiting. I would like to see how this dark bit of land changes. Early morning, waiting. Yes, the stars disappear little by little. Anxious songs in this dark bit of land. Look at the sky, it has started to tear. The ghosts that I thought were of the night, oh dear… they are inside me.

Kolpatzea hautatzen dut

She used to tell me sincerely: “If you want to be strong eat nettle roots, drink the water of their leaves”. I walked below the underbrush in order to discover what is over the clouds. The injuries are obvious. Can’t say a word about heaven. This is how this obsessions hit me. I choose to let them hit me instead of putting up with them. I had a thorn in the sole of my foot. She rubbed it with olive oil.


The lamed leg has the last Word. If only at some point it would tell me “go home”. The rest of the quarters of the moon are shining on the wells of the old street. The skull is laughing. His lips are red and his eyes are blue, and so are my griefs: They are harlequins in a circus. Broken hearted people like to dance with no hearted ones. Since the pale lady is here the accordion player is getting upset. A cat is walking on the tiles. It is a quiet night but suddenly somebody is shouting from the bell tower. He wants to save tomorrow’s day.

Atzerabiderik gabeko eguna

I came out from underneath a stone. The light still hurts my eyes. I have a seed in my pocket, I don’t know who is it for. The shade came down from my legs. Now it is a silent angel. The rain will soak us as it never did before. I heard sweet smiles. I bend down to play. How nice! Dirty clothes, finally. United with the world, scratching every itching one to the other. Dirty clothes, finally. We opened the doors.


Suddenly, this explosion of silence has embraced it all. Two notes are with me. Nobody else is here. Once he finished his work here the eagle is going far away. Apparently, it is time for me to learn to walk properly. Here I am, looking up to the celling, I can see a river. I introduce my feet carefully in that clean water.


I have taken care of the injuried one, collected all the broken pieces. have guided towards the beach the one that was feeling breathless in the city. I have been respectful with the one that wants to be alone. I have been by his side when he has asked for me in the middle of the night. I have laughed many times. Sometimes also cried. I know very well to whom have I turned my back to. Lord of the storms, who wonders between the clouds, don’t underrate my new requests. People have often told me: “You don’t look the same”. This is a changing world, so am I. I would like to have in my hands what belongs to me, and look at the sky peacefully.


Without lyrics

Etxearen bila

Without lyrics


The desert can forget about the rain if the waiting time is desperately long. But we have been waiting for you all this time. It has been beautiful the way you have found us. Now you must get used to erase your footprints.

Kate arina

The soil under your nails, feeds olive trees here. You fell down and scratched your knee. I saw the goodness in that blood drop. To fear… not to fear…will that be the key? This love is a light chain. My heart was empty until an arrow crossed it.


Without lyrics

Ni prest nauzu

Wizard, with your hands you have lit a unusual fire. It illuminates us with bright colors, it doesn´t burn, it can´t be touched, frightens away the good and the bad. The perfume that you put on before coming here made me feel freshness. I have never felt anything like that before. Wizard, you say that we are in the beginning of the ceremony. What happens next is up to us. It can be joy or it can be fear. I´m ready. Let what has to come come.

Korrika egin

From the moment the dance of the masks started the eyes have filled up with fire. The man with the deer head that become silent keeps the biggest secret. The strongest man´s punch wasn´t enough. It is necessary to deeply desire what is behind the glass. Suddenly you see how the opponent falls. Don´t push him who is going to fall on his own. In the mouth of the troubadour is always his golden heart. Because of his habit to get in the middle, he has the tip of the arrow inside. It can become exhausting not to find between the lines the mission that is exclusively aimed at yourself. From a far you can make out the unforgettable silhouette. If you are waiting for a long time, run to him.

Labirintotik at

We have climbed the walls of the labyrinth and looking ahead I realize that also in the roofs of a city it is possible to find a surface where love doesn´t need so much space. I can guess what stain tattooed on your back means. It draws an island, a little island. Although covered by salt water many times know that there is a piece of land where love doesn´t need much space. Pay attention because there are many hidden sings. We are out of this shaped map. At the exit of the labyrinth you can read, it is written there, that all around the world there are places where love doesn´t need much space.

Arrosa bat ahoan

You come softly with a rose in the mouth, rocking like a small boat. We were born among ghosts. It has been years. As a child I didn´t touch your skin. Let’s skate on the ice. Between the shadows a trail for us appears.

Armairua bota

It could happen that the day says good bye to us with green rays. Later, that a season has gone with a full moon. Sometimes the ends of a rope join in a knot. Dancing and singing naked on the top of a sand mountain. The kite draws the infinite sing in the sky. Sometimes riddles are set apart. I´m going to push the bookcase full of old books so it falls on that man who knows about everything.


He admits he is a lucky man, he has a smile in his mouth. He often goes for a walk with a sharp tipped walking stick. He greets the people he knows by moving his eyebrows. We can hear in one of his pockets the “chin chin” sound. The wizards can take a rabbit out of the hat. If big troubles are coming he can always turn them around. He knows that happiness is fragile. That´s why like a vase he tries not to put on the edge. When he was young he had a tendency to a balancing act, even so he has always had a net below him: his second bed. If we balance willpower and vigor, a butterfly would land on willpowers side.

Harrizko barruaren baltsa

Once, in spring, I founded a stone by the river bank. I sculpted a head with it. I was surprised looking at its eyes, they were so big and so bright. They see the world totally. It doesn´t say a word and it seems like it can hear. They were so big and so bright. They were so alive an so made of stone.

Seigarren zentzua

The cement boots have cracked. Fury and desire between the teeth. They call it sixth sense. For me much more exist. I can´t call you by your name yet but I know very well who you are. I can feel you coming. The bolt has reached into the living room. Everything is upside down now. I can´t call you by your name yet but I know well who you are. I saw you catching fire. I can´t call you for your name but I know very well who you are. I saw you waking up.

Munduari buelta

I quickly finished packing the suitcase. He dreams of the horizon doesn´t need much. I can softly touch the nothing with a hand. Is goes pleasantly with the windows down. You are beside me, barefoot, looking to at prairie. You have sunglasses and a song on your lips. The texts about the doubts that I have had last period are dancing with the wind, mixed. I stole an awful postcard from the petrol station. It will be the letter we will never write each other. We will probably end up in the beginning point, after going around the world.


He was living without knowing who cut the umbilical cord. One day his reflection in the water started making faces at him.
-¿Have I got a father or a mother? ¿What is my name? ¿Why do I hurt myself and why do I recover?
-Just as you, I have no answers but I do have an offering for you. Take that feather that the river brings. Do you know how to write?
-I don´t know how to write. I will put it in my head and I will dance. That is what I do well.
-Don´t give up, my friend. There are many fruits awaiting the one who knows to wait.


A thread is enough, it is possible to join a lot of things with it. Even so, not all of them. A wall is enough, it is possible to divide many worlds with it. Even so, not all of them. I come full of hope, with new strength. Here you have me. As they say, isn´t worth trying to find heaven, the small things of everyday life keep what is the most important. Today I could give my everything, I´m telling you seriously. I come full of hope, with new strength. Here you have me. Today I could give my everything, I´m telling you seriously. I come full of hope, with new strength. Here you have me. Not many times have I been so sure of loving someone.

Idatzia ez dago ezer

There is nothing written. That is the title of the book of people´s lives. There is nothing written. That same phrase in the first line of the first paragraph. If nothing is written nobody knows what is going to happen in the next pages.

Encendida y feliz

How nice to see you still like that, alight and happy. When has it been logical to feel? If you want the truth I have a personal point of view. I have a circular, regular, angular verse. Listen once and for all, it’s starting to get dark: you mistake being scared for running too much.

Ur horretatik

Have you ever found the precious tree? Have you ever tasted it´s fruit? Have you ever smoked the flower that grows on the side of the road? The way to see the world changes completely. Have you ever been catched by the never ending laugh? With pain in your stomach and beeing unable to breathe. After all that’s what they are: special moments born from the strong beats of the heart. Where is it? I would like to know. From north to south the same fountaine is being looked for. We all want to drink from that water. As I have never been keen on armours I´m going to remain naked as a newborn baby. To be born there are also many different ways. Have you ever heard the scream inside of you? Where is it? I would like to know. From east to west the same fountaine is being looked for. We all want to drink from that water.

Okerrena igaro zen jada

A long night without peace. The barks of the doogs they didn´t stop. The wind was strong. Who would know how long that solitary battle was going to last. Then you appear inviting me to the daybreak. Then you arrived like army angels. The worst had gone by. I chose the right shoes. The crossroad was close once again. Since then, both sides of the coin can´t stop rolling: life and detah. You are completely speechles seeing that luck is on our side. I am speechless, like you. Hold my hand tightly, don´t let fear sepparate us. You know that that train doesn´t wait too long. Then you appeared inviting me to the daybreak. Then you arrived like army angels. The worst had gone by.

Hor leku bat

Touch, the most sincere of the feelings, guide me tonight. Giving and recieving caresses. That star is also like that: expressing happiness and fear. Some times grass grows in flowerpots. I´m that way now: wishing to make room for me there.

Narrasti magikoa

Are you around, magic reptile? I have made another hole in my belt. To appear and dissappear like a light and shadow. Undividing like a light and shadow.


When the duardians became blind there was no reason to think about it too much. Run away, run away from the castle. Going through that dry lands, shaking the dust, shouting loud, free, free again. There is need to be strong also in theese cases. Although I visualice a big and open world I want to choose right. To keep this feeling once and for all. To have a road tomorrow too.

Beste zerbait

You can walk barefoot here. Nobody has been hurt in this place. Sometimes is really nice lying down, but don´t fall asleep, you are in a hurry. You have to find something different. You want something different. Looking at a fountain, your amitions and worries have dissapeared. Although you know well that what is close is something big, you want something different.

Bi hitz

Be careful which door you knock on when you get out of the mud. You keep on with the almost finished script, dragonfly, you are no good. You seem to be banging. What makes you feel so nervous? Selling your soul is not the same as having it bought. It seems that the storm is going to pass. If you are able to tell all that is not little, is not bad at all. Without regrets. Appologies have no place once we get to this point.


By mistake he ended up in the fieds of innocence. There were a lot of big columns not holding up any buildings. He wrote his name with a stone in one of them. The sound that the chains make when they fall is unforgettable. Is easier to dream that you are flying with half of the weight. And before we realise the past is far away. I would like to be that way. To know how to live the moment. How subtlety night and day join together when the twilight comes. If I knew who separates them maybe I would know what joins me to you so strongly. And before we realise the past is far away. I would like to be that way. You will find me in the moment.


Estankona has always been in music. He was a young child when he chose the violin as his first instrument. In adolescence he changed and picked up a guitar, which opened up an entirely new world of possibilities.

He joined Zantzoa Arratiko Literatur Taldea, the first creative group to seriously influence him. From 1996 to 1999, they published poetry magazines and held music recitals.

His first steady rock group was Iniezione. They played instrumental music. After a break, they changed their sound and started to make easier listening music. Arean was the name they went under then. Between 2004 and 2006 they released two albums and performed many concerts.

Estankona started his solo career in 2010. Since then he has worked with different musicians. Even if his songs have been played with several instruments, most of his records and performances have featured a three-piece rock formation. He has brought three albums out so far: "Estankona" (2011), "Fruitua" (2012) and “Ardatza” (2015).

In all these years Estankona has collaborated with musicians, poets and writers on such albums as "Atera dena" (2008) eta "Lemoa, hauxe da gure kantua" (2016).

Estankona focuses on both deep emotions and ideas about beauty in every moment.



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